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Vince and Steve Stearns came together to create some interesting fitness-oriented photographs to expand each other’s portfolios. Vince is an avid runner and was a medical student at the time of the photo shoot. Clearly, Vince’s physique was captured quite well in the series that they developed by sharing creative ideas. Vince helped to add to an on-going series that Steve Stearns continues to develop called “strength and flexibility.”


Curtis and Steve Stearns met at Mimi’s Café in Chandler, Arizona. Curtis worked as a waiter at Mimi’s Café while in college. Steve Stearns frequented the restaurant for breakfast on the weekends and was friendly with Curtis and other wait staff members. As you can see, Curtis has a good runner’s build and that’s what captured Steve Stearns’ eye, so since Curtis had left Mimi’s Café, Steve Stearns asked Curtis’ roommate, Read More...


Mutual photographer friends brought Eirik and Steve Stearns together to collaborate on this photo shoot. Eirik is a bodybuilder and takes nutrition and fitness very seriously. Clearly, Eirik’s dedication is to developing his inner and outer self and it definitely shows. Eirik was selected to be a part of a photo series called “strength and flexibility” that Steve Stearns exhibited in a one night digitally presented exhibit called “Things We Read More...