Steve Stearns

Fitness and Fine Arts Photographer
Leominster, Massachusetts (United States of America)

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[stag_two_third_last]Steve Stearns is a Massachusetts-based male fitness and fine arts photographer. Steve Stearns’ work is characterized as straight-forward, clean and simple with a strong focus on the strength, flexibility, and beauty of the male form. His style has been described as “fine arts commercial photography.” Steve Stearns also helps fitness-oriented clients build portfolios for personal trainers, yoga instructors, fitness studios and gyms, cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, gymnasts, soccer, martial artists, boxers, dancers, volleyball, cheerleaders and other athletes.

Mostly self-taught with an appreciation and understanding of composition, form and lighting with over 8 years of digital photography experience. Steve Stearns photographs what inspires him on a variety of creative levels with professional photography gear either in the studio and/ or on-location depending upon the client’s requirements and vision for the project.

Steve Stearns is grateful to have had opportunities to work with such wonderful individuals throughout the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. He welcomes the opportunity to work with other talented individuals from around the globe. Will you be next?

On September 18, 2010, the initial images of Steve Stearns’ “Strength and Flexibility” series were unveiled in a unique one-night completely digitally presented gallery exhibit called “Things We Project” at The Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Massachusetts with five other highly talented local photographers. The featured images focused on highlighting the strength and flexibility of the two of the initial male models in the series (Eirik and Curtis). This is an on-going project that Steve Stearns continues to add photographs to this series. It’s estimated that there were between 300-500 people who attended the “Things We Project” gallery exhibition. Maybe, just maybe, you could be the next “fit” male model featured in this series to reveal your strength and flexibility.

Why is Steve Stearns’ focus on men? Why not? It seems most people (and he knows it is a generalization) equate beauty1 with the stunning aesthetics of the female form. However, men have the unique ability to sculpt their bodies with greater definition through strength and/ or cardiovascular training, sports, and some men through the physically demanding work that they do, more so than the majority of women (sorry ladies). If one looks at the differences in sports and the muscles that they build, each sport brings out and highlights unique sets of muscles. For instance, a cyclist uses and builds a much different set of muscles than a gymnast, boxer, swimmer, etc. Part of the reason Steve Stearns’ primary focuses his camera on men, is to the dispel the stereotype2 that only women are aesthetically pleasing, artistically viable, and yes even beautiful.

While Steve Stearns’ priority is to work with professional, agency represented men, he is continuing to book commissioned work with new faces and unsigned men from every corner of the globe seeking to break into the industry, to expand their books, or simply to get quality images for their personal non-commercial use for self promotional purposes.

Steve Stearns also works with individuals who are making lifestyle changes (i.e., health, wellness, and fitness changes). Through before, during and after photographs, individuals are able to track their fitness progression to their ultimate goal. The individual making the lifestyle changes usually doesn’t notice the subtle changes taking place within themselves as much as someone who has not seen them on a frequent basis. This is where documentary photographs help to track the progression and transformation to keep one motivated to push forward to attaining one’s goals. Visualization is an important motivator to achieving one’s aspirations.

1 Beauty — a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.
2 Stereotype  — a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

[stag_alert style=”grey”]Disclaimer: Steve Stearns is a very well-grounded and down-to-earth individual, who does not refer to himself in the third-person in “real life.” SteveStearns.com is only written in the third-person for the benefits of search engine optimization.[/stag_alert][/stag_two_third_last]