Kreg Weiss is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, international presenter and kinesiologist (exercise science). All of his classes integrate a purposeful, meditative quality to allow for an experience of connection and reflection while the body explores expansion and renewal.

Kreg Weiss is also proud to be an ambassador for Vega and Sivana as part of his endeavors to promote plant-based nutrition, sustainability, and mindful living.

If Steve Stearns had to describe Kreg Weiss to another person, Steve Stearns would say Kreg Weiss is a world class yoga/ kinesiologist instructor and healthy living consultant. Kreg Weiss travels the world conducting teacher training to yoga instructors. Kreg Weiss was one of the co-founders of and is now focused on helping others through his own endeavors.

Steve Stearns and Kreg Weiss discovered each other through Facebook, became friends, and scheduled this photo shoot during one of the weekends that Kreg Weiss was in Boston, Massachusetts doing some teacher training. Kreg Weiss is an incredible human being who is kind, thoughtful and caring. Their friendship has continued to develop over the years. Steve Stearns and Kreg Weiss are in constant communication through Facebook and email. When Kreg Weiss is in Boston, Massachusetts they get together and catch up.

Kreg Weiss flew in from Montreal, Canada to shoot with Steve Stearns.

You can learn more about Kreg Weiss on his website at

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