Curtis and Steve Stearns met at Mimi’s Café in Chandler, Arizona. Curtis worked as a waiter at Mimi’s Café while in college. Steve Stearns frequented the restaurant for breakfast on the weekends and was friendly with Curtis and other wait staff members.

As you can see, Curtis has a good runner’s build and that’s what captured Steve Stearns’ eye, so since Curtis had left Mimi’s Café, Steve Stearns asked Curtis’ roommate, Jenna, if she thought he would consider modeling for Steve Stearns. We did a photo shoot in Chandler, Arizona. Curtis and Steve Stearns got to know each other a bit and stayed in touch through email and Facebook when Steve Stearns returned to Massachusetts.

Curtis flew up from Phoenix, Arizona to collaborate with Steve Stearns on a yoga-style photo shoot. The results of our photo shoot were featured in a unique one-night digitally presented gallery exhibit known as “Things We Project” at the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Curtis lives a zen like lifestyle with interests in yoga, healthy cooking and eating habits, running, hiking and other outdoor activities. Curtis is a connoisseur of fine wines.

Lighting Assistant: Jeff Haynes
Makeup Artist: Erin Greg-Brown

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